Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 keys to building a dynamic self management sales system

5 Keys to Building a Dynamic Self-Management Sales System

Can you diagnose your business on a 'Single Sheet' of paper? Here are some key steps to help identify your essential competencies and performance metrics. Because numbers don't lie.

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1) Identify Your Essential Competencies and Performance Metrics

If I asked you to list all the essential competencies that YOU are in control of - the ones that are absolutely critical for you to be successful in your sales positioncould you do it?

For example

Essential Competency or not?

" Converting conversations to appointments? (yes it is)
" What about filling out paperwork? No! (That's a related task)
" What about closing ratio? (Sure it is.)
" Degree of success in turning a first appointment into an opportunity? (absolutely)

Get the picture?

Now, if you truly want to adopt a self-management system that will work FOR you - not against you, you first have to "access" what is an essential competency and what's merely a related competency.

To do this, sit down and list any sales metrics and performance numbers inter-related to your competency numbers and your desired revenue results. (Hint: "Sales Cycle" and "Average Revenue" per sale are two.)


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